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A 12ft grazing table is a large, decorative table typically used for events such as weddings, corporate events, and parties. The table is designed to display a variety of food and drinks, creating a beautiful and bountiful centerpiece for guests to enjoy.


A grazing table typically includes a variety of different foods, such as cheeses, meats, fruits, vegetables, dips, crackers, bread, nuts, and sweets. These foods are arranged in a visually appealing manner, with a variety of colors, textures, and flavors to please guests' palates.


The size of a 12ft grazing table makes it perfect for large events, as it can accommodate a large number of guests and provide them with plenty of food options. The table will be decorated with flowers, foliage, and other decorative elements to match the theme of the event.


Overall, a 12ft grazing table is a beautiful and delicious addition to any event, providing guests with a visually stunning and tasty centerpiece that they won't soon forget.


So why wait? Order yours today and experience the ultimate in culinary decadence

Full Grazing Table

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Please note, we do not provide plates, eating utensils or napkins. We do provide serving utensils 


    When you order a table, you enter into an agreement of returning all inedible items and maintining proper care of these items during the loan period. A replacement fee will be charged for missing or broken items 

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