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A 6ft grazing table is a smaller version of the popular grazing table used for events, parties, and gatherings. This table is ideal for smaller gatherings and events with fewer guests, but it still offers a wide variety of delicious and visually appealing food options.


Like its larger counterpart, the 6ft grazing table is filled with a variety of different foods, such as cheeses, meats, fruits, vegetables, dips, crackers, bread, nuts, and sweets. These foods are arranged in an aesthetically pleasing way, with different colors, textures, and flavors that appeal to the senses and add to the overall visual appeal of the table.


The smaller size of the 6ft grazing table makes it perfect for more intimate events, such as small weddings, birthdays, and cocktail parties. It is also easier to set up and take down, making it a great option for events where time and space are limited.


Despite its smaller size, a 6ft grazing table still offers a wide range of food options and will be decorated with flowers, greenery, and other decorative elements to match the theme of the event. Overall, a 6ft grazing table is a great option for those who want to offer their guests a delicious and visually stunning food display, but with a smaller scale.



Partial Grazing Table

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Excluding Sales Tax
  • Please note, we do not provide plates, eating utensils or napkins. We do provide serving utensils for the table. 


    When you order a table, you enter into an agreement of returning all inedible items and maintining proper care of these items during the loan period. A replacement fee will be charged for missing or broken items 

  • Cheeses: -XL brie cake centerpiece with a honeycomb drizzle and fresh figs, manchego, creamy toscano-

    3 varieties of cheddar-Jarlsberg- seasoned jack cheese-3 varieties of goat cheese-2- manchego, creamy toscano- seasoned semi-soft cheese-mozzarella-bourskin -Gouda squares-Truffle Cheese 


     6-9 variety type of crackers, breadsticks


    XL veggie board with dips 

    Large fruit board with scattered fresh fruit around the table 

    Dessert: Macarons, 5 variety types of cookies, meringues, pirouettes, chocolate nuts, salted caramels, madeleines, watermelon chocolates, cookie assortment 


    Caprese bowl 

    Pimento cheese dip bowl 

    Baguette with bread dips

    meatballs on skewers


    Nut varieties spread across table: coconut cashews, salted cashews, bagel seasoning nut mix, butter almonds, coconut almonds, pistachios 


    Dried fruit options: mango, oranges, apricots, figs and pineapple 


    Marinated item bowl: olives, red peppers, dolmas, artichokes, seasoned chickpeas, additional olive bowl on table  


    Meats:  salami, sopressata, summer sausage, dry italian, cheese wrapped salami, variety of dried meats  


    Add on option pricing:

    30 deli sandwiches served in a basket: $185 (ham, chicken salad, turkey breast, roast beef, individually wrapped with twine - you can increase the quality of the sandwiches for your event.


    Pretzel on hanger: 40 pretzels, $60 


    30 Hamburger sliders: $180

    30 Mini Cheesesteaks: $180

    30 Chicken Satay Cups: $150 with peanut sauce 

    Letters/Numbers can be ordered to your table to customize your table. 


    Please reach out to inquire about add-on options for your table 

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